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Puppy - Beef & Milk



  • DHA (from fish oil) and choline (from lecithin) for enhanced brain development and nervous function
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy heart
  • Vitamin E and Selenium for Enhanced immune system 
  • Highly digestible ingredients for improved nutrient absorption and stool quality
  • Balanced Omega 3 & 6 for good healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Calcium and Phosphorus for strong bones & teeth 

Dog Food Brands: SmartHeart

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Essential Benefits:

DHA and Choline– Help to develop brain and eyes function
High Quality of Protein and Fat with Minerals– Help to keep kitten health and support the growth.
GOS for Mother Milk– Prebiotics in mother’s milk helps to promote useful intestinal bacteria and immune system.
Healthy Intestinal System – Fructooligosaccharides and Mannanoligosaccharides added to enhance intestinal health.
Odor & Feces Control – Yucca Extract is added to minimize stool odor. It works by catching and absorbing the components which cause undesirable in the intestine
Well Balance Nutrition – Help to maintain immunity.
Healthy Skin & Glossy Fur – Good balance of Omega-3 and 6 to provide good condition of skin and coat
Hairball Control – Cellulose powder added for healthy digestion and Hair Ball control function
Flutd Control – For reducing risk of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

  • for all breed dogs 7 years and up