SHC-Kitten-Smartheart Dry Cat Food Brands in Singapore

Kitten - Chicken, Fish, Egg and Milk



  • Made from real meat and real fish
  • DHA (from fish oil) and Choline (from lecithin) for enhanced brain and nervous system function.
  • Triple DHA Enhancement Supplemental levels of DHA (3 times higher) for improve cat’s memory, alertness and intelligence.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for a healthy heart.
  • Taurine supplement for eye sight nourishing.
  • The combinations of Biotin, Zinc and Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.
  • Reduce The Risk of FLUTD
    This Formula was developed to help prevent the risk of FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
  • Protein from eggs and milk for development of muscle and proper body structure.

Cat Food Brands: SmartHeart

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