How to Choose the Best Quality Cat Food – And the best Cat Food Brands in Singapore

How to Choose the Best Quality Cat Food – And the best Cat Food Brands in Singapore

June 28, 2021
best quality cat food

As cat owners, you want to keep your cat healthy and strong! We all know that the right cat food, which means nutrition-rich and supplied from trusted brands out there, are one of the most important things to keep your cat healthy. But choosing a healthy diet for your cat can be overwhelming. While strolling along your local pet food stores, hundreds of commercial food brands fill the shelves and it’s overwhelming to decide which brands are the right one to choose. So many choices – yet so little information!

So let us help break it down for you – and you’ll well be on your way to choosing the right cat food for your FluffyMcMuffin!


 Ingredients are KEY – Look out for that!

You are what you eat and that is the same for your cat! When you are shopping or checking from one brand to another for your cat, it’s important to look out for these specific ingredients because giving your cat the right nutrition keeps them healthy and strong. 

Protein is priority 

Cats are carnivores and therefore PROTEIN comes out as the key priori

ty for them! And you might be thinking a piece of pork would be the way to go – and believe us that there is more. The best meat to look out for is turkey, salmon, lamb, or chicken. So the next time you are strolling from one can to another, make sure to check out whether protein is listed at the top of the ingredients list. 

Omega 3s and 6s 

Keeping your cat healthy and strong is one thing, but keeping them away from sickness and strengthening their immune system is also crucial. Omega 3s and 6s support your cat’s immune  system and other necessary biological functions. You can find these nutritions inside fish oil, eggs, and flaxseed. 

And another tip – these ingredients are what made your cat skin healthy, smooth, and look gorgeous!

Vitamins, Minerals, and Probiotics

Now you know most of the essential necessary to sustain the health of your cat – including strengthening their immune system as well. But the diet won’t be complete without extra supplements to finish it off. Like you see from the title :  vitamins, minerals, and probiotics are extra adds-on to help your cat become the gorgeous healthy Fluffy McMuffin! Probiotics, especially, help your cat to have a good digestive systems.Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in your cat’s digestive  system. 

So now you know about the important ingredients and why they needed to be included in your cat’s diet. But now comes the question you might be asking yourself – where can I find the right 

brand that has all these essential ingredients that I’m looking for? 

Certainly, spending hours reading the labels from one brand to another is not going to be ideal. Which is why we would wanna introduce you to the best cat food brands out there in the industry. 

Where can I find these cat food brands?

Because knowing the right ingredients and what to look out for is not enough, knowing the ‘brand’ that offers it would be useful. Here, we’d like to introduce one of the top brands out there in the market : SmartHeart by Perfect Companion Group.

PCG is the leading pet food brands out there in Singapore – offering a wide variety of certified pet food products. For cats specifically, there’s a wide range of foods that can be chosen from. It depends on your cat’s age, gender, and condition as well. PCG always recommends you the best product and each one is specifically for different types of cat. Because cats in different ages require different nutrients, and improper foods can harm your cats instead. 

PCG provides you a wide variety of products for your cat as displayed below. 

Be sure to check out more details on our website for more information. Start feeding your cat the best quality cat food the next time you stroll down your local pet food store! 

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