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SmartHeart Gold® Holistic


500g, 3kg, 7.5kg

All breed puppy

Taste of natural ingredients with total nutrition Superior treatment for your beloved dogs
With the high quality of selected natural ingredients provides “Total Health Nutrition” for your dog’s overall physical and emotional well being.
Besides of high quality protein and other nutrients, SmartHeart Gold® Holistic Food uses rice as the main cereal (100% free of corn and wheat) and with plenty of fruits and vegetables and natural boosters of the immune system. It contains DHA from fish oil enhances brain development.

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Claims / Essential Benefits

  • Strong Muscle
    High quality protein from Chicken, Fish and Eggs for strong muscle

  • No corn No wheat.
    No Corn No Wheat. Rice is the carbohydrate source which gentler to the digestive system.

  • Shiny Skin and Coat
    Omega 3 & 6 from Chicken Oil, Flax Seed and Fish Oil for a healthy skin and shiny coat.

  • Healthy Digestion
    Prebiotics for improved digestive function, including Yucca Schidigera Extract for reduced stool odor.

  • Immune System
    Vitamin E, Rosemary and Beta-Glucan to strengthen the immune system

  • Fruits and Veggies
    Natural nutrition and vitamins from fruits and vegetables such as Alfalfa, Carrots, Kelp, Tomatoes, Blueberry and Cranberry for your pet's overall physical and emotional well being.
  • For all breed puppy : Weaning up to 1 year